NFTs will play a major role in the next era of the digital economy. They are the perfect form factor for crypto-collectibles, crypto-art, and much more — laying the foundation for entirely new multi-billion pound industries to emerge.

Collectibles have sold between a few dollars to over £100k. We are all aware of the CryptoKitties bubbles where the company turned over £15m in next to no time. So, I thought I’d share some tips for those wanting to enter the collectible market. We’re not including games here, merely digital art ideas that can be turned into a collectible pack.

I’m not saying don’t improve the wheel, but in such a fresh and new market, why try and re-invent it? Blockchain let alone NFT collectibles are in such an infant stage of development right now, it’s like the internet all over again. There is an abundance of topics, themes, characters, ideas that simply haven’t been done. Look at gaming or literature for inspiration, what has been popular in those markets but not yet implemented in a non-fungible collectible pack: animals, cars, fantasy characters, weapons, spells, characters, places, events, ideas, humour, memes, the list is literally endless.

My NFTs support any kind of image format, including gifs. Don’t feel you are limited to static pieces of art. Animated gifs are certainly doing incredible well in the digital art market. People simply like moving things! Or perhaps create collectibles that provide a deeper meaning than just being pretty to look at: jigsaws that need to connected, NFT achievements that need to be unlocked to progress, themed NFTs based on holidays, national events, global movements. The box is there, just think outside of it!

CryptoKitties wasn’t just successful due to its cute cats and being a first mover. Of course these contributed massively to its success. However, if you didn’t know, the kitties all have a backstory. Remember each NFT has a space for a description. You don’t have to write a novel for each picture but people like to collect art that has a background to it. If you’re going to make a collectible set that is based around one single theme (we have a dapp called block babies for example launching soon), think about giving each of them a unique piece of information: background, abilities, quotes or stories for example.

Collections can always be added to, but remember to note the difference between editions and collections. VeriArti for example will always allow you to add to your collection, as that’s what themes are for. However, editions cannot be undone. Think about this before you design and implement your set. If you’re planning on having a small collectible pack then why not divide the items into common to rare: 100 of Item A, 30 of B, and just 3 of C. You could even have just one unique item of the collection. Remember once you’ve sold a piece from your collection, it’s now the buyer’s turn to sell it for whatever price they want, so don’t set your bar too low or your item count too easy to collect.

While we provide easy onboarding for your items and collectible sets, it’s up to you to market it. Regular users will of course see your work, and if they are rated high enough, they’ll get even more exposure. You can also purchase credits in order to feature your work on VeriArti in top spots but the best kind of marketing is organic. Find the community for the niche of your collectible set and target them. Sports, movies, games, these are all enormous communities and with the right themed and marketed collection, you should be able to pierce part of that market share easily.

This ties in with being creative. However, instead of being creative in terms of your work, perhaps add something conceptual in the collection: collect a certain type or amount of items in order to receive another. Or give the items a humorous theme throughout, they don’t have to be taken too seriously. Of course there are die hard hobbyists or fans of certain themes, but a lot of people like to engage in collectibles simply for fun. Other ideas involve collectibles that uncover easter eggs, or activate the ability to collect another item. The only limit is your imagination.

This is a debatable topic for a lot of collectors and platforms, but we see no harm in it. Owners are free to transfer their own item when they choose. That means, when you have a transparent network such as blockchain, you are free to distribute items to whoever, whenever and in any abundance you like. If you think you have a collectible set that will be popular, then why not mint and distribute several of your more common items to get people interested. If the receiver doesn’t want it, they’re free to transfer it on or sell it.

This comes down to how much you want to invest in your collectible set. You could offer extremely rare collectibles to those who collect a certain amount or type of your set. You could even offer cash or crypto prizes, entry into raffles, or one of numerous marketing strategies offered to dedicated collectors. Most like to collect simply for the fun of being the sole owner, but there’s nothing wrong with motivating people with anything you see fit.

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